LCAS has developed, refined, rigorously tested, and integrated

  • Original diagnostic instrumentation
  • Prescriptive processes
  • Data analysis and communication tools

to form the Learning Curve Achievement System®. This system, in combination with expert consulting and support services for teachers and administrators in both PK-12 and Institutions of Higher Education helps teachers increase student learning and development. The tools for teachers provide in-depth information at the individual, small group, and whole class levels about student development and learning preferences. Tools available to teachers and administrators provide information to facilitate developmentally responsive instruction and assessment which results in increased student learning and development.

For Teacher Education Providers (Institutions of Higher Education)

LCAS has created developmentally appropriate, reliable, and valid instrumentation for use with P-12 students that produces and stores accurate information about student learning and development.

Reports produced from data stored by the system allow providers to identify trends in student learning and development and to communicate those findings with stakeholders. Because LCAS recognizes that providers must have some latitude when defining the important aspects of educator preparation programs, LCAS works with providers to tailor the system's reporting of relevant impact measures thereby enabling the provider to craft the program to their needs. LCAS provides both historical and predictive capabilities to providers in terms of program impact through availability of provider-specific data archives. These archives allow providers to conduct retrospective analyses of a variety of trends relative to program impact. Length of candidates' subscription to LCAS may be negotiated to span multiple years, thereby allowing tracking of completers into their induction year in the profession. LCAS will also work with providers to design and implement communication solutions enabling them to connect with and share program impact data and trends with stakeholders including school administrators, cooperating teachers/co-teachers, and accrediting bodies.

For PK-12 Educators

The LCAS website provides a comprehensive, scalable, interactive, and secure support system for diagnosis of students, management of best instructional practices, and monitoring of student progress on a number of different assessments. The web-based platform allows educators to update student, teacher, and class and roster information making it easy to add new or transfer students to the system. Information from the LCAS website also aids in communication with parents and supports team-building between school and home.

As soon as students have completed the diagnostic instrument, class and individual information is immediately available to the teachers and administrators along with recommendations about grouping, appropriate instructional strategies, and potential challenges within the class. Teachers are provided with templates of lesson plans and activities that predict increased levels of student engagement and retention of information.

Committed to Support

Implementing LCAS begins by visiting the demonstration website at From there, if you have any questions, simply click on the "Need Help?" link to send an email. LCAS will work with you to understand your needs and develop the services and products you need. LCAS also provides links to technical support and assistance with implementation and program use, even support during accreditation site visits. LCAS is committed to helping you meet your goals for student learning and development.

Comprised of schoolteachers, administrators and teacher educators, the LCAS community seeks to continually grow its network of educators - a network with the heart of a teacher, dedicated to the best in developmentally responsive instructional practice.