Learning Curve Achievement Systems Service Pricing

Public/Private Schools
  • Individual Teacher: $210.00 (single classroom, 24 months, unlimited use)
  • Two - five teachers: $200.00 each* (single classroom, 24 months, unlimited use)
  • Six - ten teachers: $185.00 each** (single classroom, 24 months, unlimited use)
    • Individual accounts do not include Administrator level login
    • Group accounts come with a single Administrator level login

* A one-time set-up fee of $85.00 is charged for a teacher group of 2-5.
** A one-time set-up fee of $100.00 is charged for a teacher group of 6-10

For groups of more than 10 teachers, please contact LCAS for school and district pricing options.
Please note that single classroom prices have a limit of 40 students per class.

Add Classes Option:

All teacher accounts allow for a single "class" of up to 40 students. If the teacher will use LCAS with more than 40 students, additional class(es) will be required. Within LCAS, "classes" can be subdivided into up to 10 groups. The teacher should consider whether the option to divide the "class" that is provided with the initial account into groups may provide enough flexibility. That is, if the teacher has only a total of 40 students, then a single class will be enough. There is an option to add classes during the checkout process.

Start-up Fees:

In some cases, there is a one-time start-up fee which will be charged at checkout (see above). This fee covers such processes and services as data storage, account and initial user set-up, form generation, and others. Start-up fees will not be charged to ongoing accounts. In the event that an account lapses, the fee will be charged again to reinstate the account.

Educator Preparation Programs

LCAS structures EPP accounts such that administrators may track the progress of each student taught by each candidate using the program. Data available to the EPP include, but are not limited to:

  1. Immediate and longitudinal PK-12 student performance on agreed-upon measures (via MOU).
  2. Immediate and longitudinal PK-12 student developmental profiles.
  3. Classroom developmental profile information (both immediate and longitudinal).
  4. Individual and aggregated PK-12 achievement and developmental data.
  5. Candidate evaluations by cooperating teacher, college/university clinical supervisor, and self-evaluations by the candidate.
  6. Others as agreed-upon by the EPP and LCAS.
  7. Recommendations for instructional delivery based upon student/class profiles.

The Administrator account has access to all data for all candidates' students. These data will include limited demographic information about the students, however at no time will PK-12 student names ever be revealed by LCAS.

The Clinical Supervisor account has access to only those candidates assigned by the administrator to that account.

Graduate Student Accounts: $170.00 (single class up to 40 students, 30 months, unlimited use). These accounts may be purchased for resale in College/University bookstores.

Pre-service Teacher Candidate Accounts: May be purchased in blocks of 10 or 100 at a time from LCAS. Resale of these accounts is permitted through College/University bookstores. Please contact LCAS for pricing, availability, and desired duration of accounts.

Both graduate and undergraduate students may purchase accounts directly from LCAS.

EPPs purchasing blocks of undergraduate accounts or graduate accounts for resale will receive a limited number of complimentary logins for use by EPP Administrators and clinical experience supervisors.